The M.Body Cleanse (pronounced, embody) Program is an all-in-one mind and body reset program created by Monika Arenas. This book encompasses the basics of a health regimen with simple food swaps, meal plans, recipes and practices to get you going on a path to a balanced body weight, wellness and longevity.


This plan guides you on ways to shift your mind, body and spirit into a more positive direction. You will be supercharged with tools for developing a stronger sense of mindfulness, skills for emotionally challenging moments when trying to live a healthier lifestyle and simple health practices for incredible weight loss results. This is beyond a weight-loss diet, juice cleanse or 'get skinny' fix and it will definitely help you create your healthiest body yet!


The M.Body Cleanse Program was developed to be done with the complete starter kit which includes a vegan protein powder, 30-day supply of vitamins, minerals and herbs, probiotic and essential oils for emotional support and increased detoxification. With the purchase of the entire kit you will get recieve the eBook for FREE ($88 value) and a yearly wholesale membership ($35 value) to reorder your vitamins, supplements to get the best quality of essential oils and supplements in the market at 25% discount ($123 in savings for the entire program!)



M.Body Cleanse Program