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I believe we are all capable of creating a harmonious   

relationship with our body, thoughts and inner-self


Too many times we have thought we are not enough or worthy of attaining our health goals. Too many tears have been shed fighting the scale, clothes, food, mirrors and our bodies. Too many of us have completely disconnected from ourselves, choosing to numb or to distract in order to not feel what we are desperately looking to heal.

I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way. We are all capable of having a healthy body, of living a life that is free of dis-ease and obsessions on how to eat perfect, look perfect and live perfect (no such thing)! You, me, we, ALL have a choice - and with the right knowledge you can achieve whatever you shift your mind to.

I am here to guide you:

  • Take command of your health with alternative food choices, constructive thought patterns and doable fitness routines

  • Develop intuitive eating skills for selecting nourishing foods without having to count every calorie or weigh every ounce

  • Simple practices and effective tools to develop self-mastery for your mental and physical health

  • Cultivate a space for support, encouragement, and release of self-sabotaging thoughts

  • Nourish your true essence, step into alignment with your highest self for a lifelong transformation

I am here to feed your health - to work with you, walk with you and to support you on your journey of realigning with yourself. I am devoted to helping you remember who you are, to awaken your inner truth (we are all Goddesses and Gods) and perspective so you can live your healthiest life.


The journey is not always easy, it definitely wasn’t for me, but it was so incredibly worth it. I had to realize that I was worth it. I needed to align with my truest calling, to let go of the fears and of the pacifier that I held on to so dearly for comfort, safety, support and to feel loved. I had to wake up and realize that it didn’t have to be this difficult, it didn’t have to be so painful (although many times, it was), I didn’t have to be a victim and that I wasn’t alone.

At a young age, I got very lost. I became over-consumed with wanting to be something I wasn’t. I let food, exercise, alcohol, my own negative thoughts and other equally hurt souls influence and dictate my life. Then, I lost my mother in an accident – I was simply devastated. I ran with so much fear for survival without a purpose, unsure of where I stood. I allowed everything to control me besides myself – and then blamed everything and everyone else as to why I wasn’t in control. At the time, it was some seriously frustrating stuff. I felt completely powerless and searched for love everywhere except for within myself. I knew I was a warrior and my journey to peace lied within myself, but I was scared to cross that line. I didn’t believe life could exist without there being a fight.

I'm here to confidently tell you that there is no fight. We all have a choice and you can literally change at any moment (not come Monday or after whatever holiday). The rest, your physical self, will follow the moment you say ‘yes’ and own it.

Once I realized this, I never looked back. The power I felt was contagious. Self-love developed beyond what I understood to be real. At the time, I had already found my calling in the field of science and education with nutrition and teaching fitness. But through yoga, meditation and self-healing techniques, my soul was truly strengthened and I finally felt fulfilled. Self-love is not taught, forgiveness and connection to your higher-self is part of our lifelong journey and it is completely intertwined with our health. The ability for us to connect our body, mind and spirit with the foundation of a healthy regimen including food, movement and a positive mindset can take us further than what any scale will ever show you. This took years in the making - many battles were fought, all of them were won – because I never allowed myself to quit trying. That’s when the weight finally stopped fluctuating, through the process of awareness, forgiveness and shifts in my perspective of health with small, yet mighty habit changes. This ultimately allowed me to move forward in understanding how to also help others embark on their journey to creating healthy lives, mindsets and bodies we were all meant to have.

My programs are designed to empower you with proper education, simple tools, and a balanced structure so you can align with the body you wish to live in. All you have to do is show up with an open mind and willing heart to work through your own personal barriers. I honor you for wanting to take this leap, to step into the unknown and to trust that what you envision can truly be achieved.

With much love and gratitude,



Professional Biography:

Monika Arenas is a licensed and Registered Dietitian, NASM certified personal trainer, author and creator of Feed Me Health. She graduated from Florida International University in 2012 with a BS in Dietitics & Nutrition after completing a 1200-hour comprehensive internship in two hospitals and an eating disorder treatment center. Monika is a current PUMA sponsored athlete, essential oil educator, YouTube Vlogger and creator of the award nominated smoothie & acai bowl shop, Redboost in Brickell, Miami.

Monika teaches a variety of health modalities ranging from personal and group nutrition and fitness training as well as educational courses on holistic health using essential oils, meditation and mind-body talks. Her passion is driven by seeing others develop a healthier relationship with themselves, in helping them accomplish their goals while ditching extreme diets, unsustainable regimens and all-or-nothing mindsets.


By combining both her clinical and spiritual practices, Monika works with clients in person or one-on-one all over the world via virtual sessions to create custom nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programs that enables her clients to step into their higher selves thus experiencing incredible mind-body transformations. Monika also loves filming educational health content on her YouTube channel, creating new and tasty recipes and challenging her physical strengths through calisthenics, acrobatics and acroyoga.


Born to Colombian parents, Monika is fully bilingual in Spanish and frequently travels to Colombia to educate on health and wellness where she was partially raised. Find her connecting with the South Florida consciousness communities and actively growing and supporting others in the field of health, healing and self-love.

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