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My Story

Meet Monika


20 years ago I was living quite the opposite lifestyle from these days. I was endlessly seeking ways to numb and push myself to the edge without understanding what I was running from. My teen years included a lot of self-hate, doubt, and toxic habits. I tried everything I could in my power to change myself fueled by anger and helplessness. From diet pills to disordered eating, I was addicted to numbing and desiring to feel safe in my own skin.


My rock-bottom came more as an unveiling - I was sick of hating myself and began removing layers of painful stories to once and for all make peace with them. I had searched endlessly for answers only to find that I needed to slow down and stop searching, instead I needed to start feeling.


My transformation really started to show when I began loving all parts of myself that I couldn’t stand to see. I had to put the boxing gloves down and step back to find that I was nearly fighting the parts of me that were still guarded and hurting.


Through compassion, patience and a lot of practice the shifts began to be felt, my health started to rise and I began to radiate a vibrant glow that was fueled not only by self-love but with conscious daily habits and foods that enhanced my now thriving temple. 


This journey was beyond a diet but along the way I found food freedom and methods to blooming health and a balanced gut.

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In the last 15 years I have intensively studied a wide range of self-development and healing modalities including medical nutrition therapy, intuitive eating, fitness training, meditation, gut cleansing, cellular detoxification, water fasting, astrology, essential oils, elemental medicines, emotional intelligence, medicine music and ancient healing practices that I currently blend to create unique blueprints for each client.


I am here to walk alongside you whether we’re unraveling deep emotional layers, creating new lifestyle habits, discovering the best foods for your health or cleansing your body with delicious recipes! If you feel the desire to step into a new chapter, to find your unique path towards your best health, know I am here as your ally - you don’t have to do it alone and it can be much more enjoyable (and easy) when you’re doing this with someone who’s been there in one way or another.


Thank you for taking the time to explore this healing journey and seeing my light at the end of the tunnel. I know if I can do it so can you and the best is yet to come!

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