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Image by Thom Milkovic

Interested in working in the field of holistic health?

Are you a wellness coach or entrepreneur looking to level up your business or expand your services?




After rediscovering the world of essential oils and truly understanding that this has been the original medicine and method of healing for thousands of years, I knew I wanted to partner with these tools and offer them to my clients and community. Simply put, plants have been on earth for over 700,000 years and carry compounds that are designed to support our body’s ability to naturally heal itself. Plants including fruits, herbs, stems, resins and flowers contain antibiotic, antiviral, antimicrobial properties and have been widely used all over the world throughout many different civilizations for medical, beauty and emotional care. 

I originally began my studies through western medicine,  dedicating over 7 years of schooling and apprenticeship in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. However I quickly realized how imbalanced the healthcare system is in the US. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely a time and place for western medicine practices and it has helped save lives - but we have absolutely dropped the ball when it comes to working with natural solutions first and educating on an optimal lifestyle with preventative care.


Everything from the commercial food industry to our cleaning sprays, body care, medicinal and over the counter products have been defiled with synthetic and toxic chemicals, fragrances and undisclosed ingredients. Obesity is at its highest and there are tons of foods and products that come from the US and have been banned globally, yet they are still sold in the States. Studies have continuously shown a direct link between chemical exposure from processed foods, commercial cleaning products, and pesticides that increase the likelihood of obesity, allergies, digestive issues, ‘auto-immune’ disorders, and even more serious medical diseases.*

Image by Thom Milkovic


As an advocate for preventative holistic healthcare it is up to us to educate and show others how to create a lifestyle that minimizes toxic exposure and instead uses quality products that are minimally processed and ideally derived directly from nature. By making these changes within your home and sharing them with others we can begin to create a more balanced, sustainable and healthier relationship throughout, while preventing further disease.

Holistic leaders are here to create a more harmonious world by embracing their individual gifts and walking the path of freedom. We prioritize taking care of ourselves while supporting others to do the same. If you feel the call to step in and join our team, know you will be guided throughout with the best resources and support.

  • Join a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs

  • Make money working online, anywhere in the world

  • Work with incredible ancient, holistic tools 

  • Create passive income with time freedom

  • Grow an incredible business, create a legacy

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