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Nourish your light, create a harmonious life

Image by Evie S.

It is a standstill. A disconnect between the mind and heart. A separation from self. We have reached a tipping point for Women, where the imbalance is beginning to shake our foundation, our homes. Too much emotional suppression, not enough connection. The feeling of separation, while wondering if we are truly enough. Relationships are either getting stronger or completely breaking down our walls while our intuition is screaming louder than ever.

Image by Elizabeth Villalta

And the question remains, Are you listening?

If we want to take aligned action we have to reconnect with our Divine innate wisdom. The kind of knowledge that is felt deeply in our womb. Through this journey, we can understand and release mental blockages, generational trauma, and reconnect with our temples (bodies) and higher self.


This type of transformation includes fully opening your heart, embodying self-healing practices, stepping into your life with more peace and clarity. The result? Deeper connection with your intuition and soul calling, healthier relationships with yourself and others, enlightened ways of responding to life’s stressors, embodied health and self-care that comes from a place of love, so you can feel more at ease with who you are and how you show up in the world and heartfelt living that allows you to magnetize miracles and magic into your reality.

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This state of being is called your Divinity and it is a natural, sacred state where you are fully connected with yourself through yourself. The truth is, the magic lies within you. The more clear communication you have with your higher self the more guidance, wisdom and love you can receive through subtle messages in your day to day life.


Because true guidance comes through a sense of knowing, feeling, hearing and/or seeing, it comes through our senses. It is the gentle, loving voice of your soul - nothing more. No one can be better attuned to receive guidance for you, than yourself. Step into this immersion and walk the path to divinely nourish your divinity and to awaken the Queen within.

What would it mean to you if you could:


Own your sacred power as a Divine woman


Feel whole, at ease and in love with yourself and life


Be empowered, confident and fully trust in your intuition


Strengthen your relationships through compassion and grace


Use your feminine power in a healthy, balanced way that leaves you feeling absolutely incredible, beautiful, worthy and magnetic

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This journey is going to help you cultivate a mindset that is loving, graceful, playful and can discern what’s meant for you without seeking external validation or having to prove your worth.


You’ll carry a glow that no one can take away from you because you are solid in who you are and you’ll feel clear and in alignment in your journey through life, even when you are confronted with uncertainty or fear.

I believe it’s time to reinvent what feminine means and the role of the feminine in our culture, community and homes. By aligning with ourselves through nature we can truly transform to create a balanced and fruitful dynamic within our lives. 


I believe all women can be empowered, successful and powerful without losing their softness, essence, love and grace.

We are being challenged daily to show up as strong women, yet have lost our sense of Divinity. Through history we have become imbalanced and it’s time to take the lead in how we show up to create a new dynamic for our relations and future generations.


I created the Divinely Nourished Immersion

because it’s time to get to know (and realign) all sides of yourself including your inner child, emotional self, wounds, physical body, ancestors, connection with mother earth, Spirit and higher self.


We are not our parents' stories. We’re not our society’s ideals. We can write a new chapter and take the lead for everlasting change within our lineage. We are the future being created in the now.


The transformation begins from within


Embracing your Divinity is a journey that will simply transform every aspect of your life.


Immerse with me to find your inner power and create the life you’ve dreamed of.

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Meet Monika

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Divinely Nourished Immersion + Retreat

Inside DN you’ll experience:


  • 10-week online group coaching container (90 minutes) focused on sharpening your divine powers, innate wisdom and EQ (emotional intelligence)

  • 6 day in-person retreat in Tulum, Mexico including 5 elemental ceremonies (this experience is done approximately half way through the entire online coaching program)

  • 2 private coaching calls and readings with Monika

  • Embodied skills in:

Self-Love and and Body Care
Nourishing Intuitively with Nutrition
Emotional Intelligence
Practices and Principles for Self Healing
Deeper Connection with our Divine Mother - Earth
Creating a Sacred Space and Altar
Understanding your Divine Masculinity
Understanding your Divine Femininity
Ancestral Lineage Wisdom
Self-Guidance and Development

Upgrade your Divine wisdom through this powerful 3-month journey

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Transform inside this program week by week:

Weekly Themes

  • Self-Love and Body Care: Awaken your body’s communication channel through deeper practices in meditation, self-love rituals, affirmations and yoni cycle tracking.

  • Nourish Intuitively with Nutrition: Deepen your connection with your body to nourish with the right foods through intuitive eating principles, “wholly” food basics and seasonal transitions.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand the principles of feelings and emotions to navigate relationships from a space of responding vs. reacting. Overcome feelings of overwhelm through healthy emotional processing.

  • Self-Healing Methods: Learn ancient and revolutionary techniques through quantum and elemental healing to understand the spiritual and physical body’s signals for optimal health.

  • Connect with the Divine Mother (Earth): Create a harmonious and closer relationship with the planet/s, animal kingdom and sacred elements including water, earth, air and fire.

  • Create a Sacred Space + Practice: Cultivate a devotional practice and learn how to create a sacred space with the foundation of a traditional altar.

  • Explore Divine Masculinity: A deep exploration of the masculine energy within and how to balance it, navigate it and transform with it

  • Explore Divine Femininity: A deep exploration of the feminine energy within and how to balance it, navigate it and transform with it

  • Ancestral Wisdom and Growth: Explore the dynamic relationships with your parents, grandparents and ancestors. Learn how to navigate them including unsettled experiences to release past ancestral blockages.


Weekly coaching: April 11 - June 19

Retreat in Tulum: May 16 - May 22

To attend the retreat, you must participate in the 10-week coaching container.

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