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28-Day M.Body Cleanse

The battle is over.

Your journey starts here

     Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed with weight loss products, extreme diets, intense fitness sessions or with the idea of having to lose weight while living your day-to-day life? Do you find yourself saying on a Monday, "Today I'm starting my new diet.." only to throw that idea out the window by Wednesday, yet feeling the need to start it again by Sunday?


     You are not alone! Most people struggle with maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle that is also doable with their current routine (work, school, social settings, holidays). In fact, weight loss isn't really the hard part, every diet "works" and will give you results. The challenge is creating a life that is not so restricted and is instead blended with easy health hacks, simple yet tasty recipes and habits that will keep your body looking and feeling good!

     The M.Body Cleanse started as a simple plan that evolved into a complete program for reprogramming the mind, body and lives of hundreds of my clients. It focuses on shifting behaviors, rerouting our nutritional choices and instilling habits that can make a world of a difference in our health and physique. The ability to live a healthier lifestyle is a process that

can be done and this book will share the simplicity of it through my journey and expertise to help you on your path to health, longevity and self-love! 



Let's do this!

The M.Body Cleanse (pronounced, embody) was created for anyone that has struggled with finding a consistent health regimen. It gives an easy-to-do plan that will guide you to shift your mind, body and spirit into a more positive direction. You will be supercharged with tools for developing a stronger sense of self-love, mindfulness and understanding how to cope with emotionally challenging moments. This is beyond a weight-loss diet, juice cleanse or 'get skinny' fix.

This is your life and it will transform your day to day activities for life changing results!

We must relearn how to feed ourselves with love

instead of punishing or stuffing ourselves with food

Whether you have struggled with weight your entire life or have recently gained some weight that just won't bulge, this plan will give you an approach that promotes body love while empowering you with tools to take your health into your own hands. It will help you embody your true essence while peeling layers of stagnant energy off that will leave you feeling lighter and free. This approach blends:

  • Daily affirmations for a positive mindset

  • Community group for support and motivation!

  • Practical tools for coping with emotional or stress eating

  • Essential nutrition education for optimal food combinations

  • Easy recipes with tips on how to store, cook and vary your meals

  • Comprehensive 4 week meal plan developed by a Registered Dietitian

  • Detailed grocery list using whole foods and superfoods loaded with nutrients

  • Plant based supplements and tools for supporting a health digestion and metabolism (optional, highly suggested)

Transform your daily habits, transform your life

The way we view our bodies, food and health is directly correlated to our emotional, mental and physical selves. The M.Body Cleanse Program is the beginner's guide to creating a balanced fusion with these aspects. With the purchase of the eBook you will also become a member of the M.Body Tribe providing you with newly updated materials including recipes, meal plans and first access to my video tutorials on healthy living tips and on how to transform yourself from the inside out!  Get ready to strengthen your mindset, develop healthier skillsets and to breakthrough to the person you aspire to be!

Let me show you how..

Alongside the M.Body Cleanse Program, I have hand selected incredible tools for physical and emotional support for your journey! These products complement the recipes, routine and daily habits that are essential for a healthy gut, body and lifestyle and that will push you in the right direction for incredible results. 


The M.Body Cleanse Starter Kit comes with the step-by-step program as well as:





































Medical Disclaimer: These products are not meant to be used, nor should it be used, to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult with your medical doctor and Monika before starting this program if you are currently taking medications that could potentially interact with other supplements. These products are not approved by the FDA, however they are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe).


Client Testimonials

Before doing the cleanse, I was already eating healthy, balanced and clean. However, I was stuck on the same weight and didn't seem to be able to move much from where I was. It wasn't until I did the cleanse that I was able to give my metabolism the extra push to lose the pounds I wanted off. To my surprise, I not only lost the inches and pounds I wanted, but my allergies, sinus infections and acid reflux disappeared and I felt better overall. It was so good, I decided to make some of the changes a part of my life.


Miami, FL

This year after the holidays I was feeling very bloated and lethargic. I asked Monika for a cleanse that would detox me and get me back on track. She provided me step-by-step instructions and easy to follow recipes. I have never tried one before and was not sure what to expect; I can tell you it was easy and great. Smoothies, food and supplements made for more food than a usual liquid cleanse and I was really energetic as I kept teaching spin classes throughout the process. It really got me back on track and I lost 10lbs. as an added bonus!


New York City, NY

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What is the M.Body Cleanse all about?

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